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Tone up skin- look younger

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As we get old, wrinkle develops on our skin due to inability of skin cells to produce adequate hyaluronic acid which is responsible for maintenance of natural moisture of skin. Skin boosters play a crucial role in keeping skin hydrating and glowing by strengthening skin’s natural defenses, protecting it from environmental toxins and irritants.  Thereby, improve hydration level within skin which maintains radiance, firmness and elasticity of skin.

Treatment with a skin booster Singapore includes high quality skin boosters containing hyaluronic acid which are injected with micro injections under skin surface so as to hydrate the skin. At Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics Clinic, treatment includes innovative skin boosters with hyaluronic acid.  The skin boosters may also include Vitamin-C, anti aging PDRN and B’tx for skin toning and glow.