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Missing Teeth cause problems but Dental Implants Melbourne can help!

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Missing teeth is a problem which haunts millions of people! Missing one tooth or many teeth can cause more than self-esteem issues. Missing teeth can also impact on your ability to eat and speak. Though initially, some people neglect the problems caused by missing tooth, long-term consequences can be quite severe. When it is lost, you wonder, what next? Some people often think, why replace it?  Missing one tooth can result in lots of difficulties, even change the shape of your face, make remaining teeth to loosen, becoming tough to clean and expose to risk from decay. However cheap dental implants Melbourne can help!

How do people lose their Teeth?

There are many reasons for missing a tooth. However one of the common reasons is tooth decay and gum disease caused by maintaining poor oral hygiene. If you are adding high sugar foods, not brushing your teeth regularly it means you are putting your mouth at risk for tooth decay.

When the bacterial build-up gets sugar, they produce acids which will eat your teeth. Long-term bacterial exposure results in the formation of bacteria colonies in dental structures. When decay become severe, the roots and ligaments that secures your jawbone eventually loosen leading to falling of the teeth.

Genetics also play a vital role in a person missing teeth. It is your genes that decide your teeth are naturally strong and more vulnerable to decay.  If you are prone to tooth loss, your dentist may prescribe fluoride treatment from an early age to help strengthen teeth systematically.

Why should you replace a Missing Tooth with affordable Dental Implants Cost Melbourne?

Missing Teeth affect your Smile!

If you suffer with missing tooth and if they are evident when you smile, you may be embraced. Loss of front teeth can negatively impact your smile, confidence and your overall appearance.

Losing your teeth can be a worst experience because in this modern world an attractive, beautiful smile is a sign of beauty and health.

Many people claim that their missing teeth become a vital issue limiting them when dealing with others face to face.

A dental implants Melbourneto replace a missing tooth is like a life saver for most of the people because they look just like any other natural teeth they have.

Don’t ignore missing Back Teeth!

The problem is not only with the front teeth but also with the ones at the back of the mouth. A missing tooth can set a chain of reactions of movement which will affect your jawbone function. When teeth start moving, it can negatively impact your bite requiring orthodontic treatment.

Facial Structure Changes!

Teeth and gums are the ones that provide natural support and strength to the face. Have you seen old people with missing tooth having sunken facial structures? Yes, missing teeth will eventually cause the jawbone to shrink giving you an age-old appearance.

Do not risk yourself staying with a missing tooth bearing all the embarrassment. Go for dental implants Melbourne to flaunt your new energetic smile again!