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How Can You Get the Best Hair Transplant Results

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How Can You Get the Best Hair Transplant Results

Anyone who is experiencing the issue of hair loss headed towards the hair transplant clinics to get the surgery done if the causative factor is a genetic one! But, it doesn’t mean that only genetic caused hair loss needs the hair transplant and the rest of the factor is only solved by the medications. As a matter of fact, the hair transplant surgery can opt for all those cases by which a person’s looks or personality is affected and one’s need it not only to regain the natural hair but also resume the aesthetic look back. Therefore, it is a well- understood fact that hair transplant procedure is a final option to get back the original and permanent hair roots that remain forever on the scalp. So, it is the recommended decision to receive the hair transplant surgery in order to get back the natural look and beauty.

The best hair transplant surgeon should pick if you wish to get the best results and thus both online, as well as the offline research, is done by the prospective hair transplant patients.

The procedure of hair transplant is a simple plastic & cosmetic surgery that is required to get over the issue of hair loss. Since it is done by both the aesthetic as well as the surgical process, known as the aesthetic cosmetic surgery requires an extreme artistic skill and surgical understanding to perform it in a good manner. The hair transplant surgery involves the transferring process of hair roots/grafts that are performed between the donor as well as the recipient balding part of the scalp. The donor area is what that contains the DHT-resistant hair roots that never shows the effect of the miniaturization and loss and thus primarily used in the surgery to fulfil the implantation need of the surgery. The surgical extraction in the procedure that facilitates the option of obtaining the hair roots are done, either by the FUT technique or through the FUE method for the extraction, but which one is suitable in your particular case of baldness is defined only after the pre-procedure consultation given by the hair surgeons.

In this Article, we are describing the factors that decide the success of Hair Transplant Surgery as follows: –

  1. The Expert Hair Transplant Surgery: It is needed to receive the surgery only from the expert surgeon who has both the artistic as well as the surgical proficiency in terms of deciding every aspect suitable to plan the procedure and meet the end goal in terms of aesthetic challenge in the surgery. The surgeon must possess the MS, M Ch degree and vast experience in providing the quality result with different cases and patients. There won’t be a boundary for the hair anatomy and structure possess by the patient of different geographical location as the expert surgeons have very well understood for opting the technique that meets the aesthetic goal and helps in accepting the challenge of the cosmetic surgeries.
  2. The Right Technique of Hair Transplant: In order to get the best result in the hair transplant surgery, it is needed to opt for the right technique and thus choosing the technique to fulfil the surgical procedure is the core responsibility of the hair surgeon. There are two techniques in the hair transplant procedure, i.e., the FUT as well as the FUE technique that is performed on the basis of a patient’s state of baldness, available donor areas as well as the type of baldness. However, choosing the technique in the procedure is one of the determinative tasks that are made by the surgeon.
  3. The Artistic Hand of the Surgeon: The artistic sense and mind is a prerequisite in the hair transplant surgery that decides the overall success of the procedure. No matter what number of grafts has been excised in the procedure as it all depends on the available donor area as well as the practised technique during the procedure, but the practise of implanting the hair roots do matter in the procedure by implanting in an irregular order to show the natural result. This is the surgeon’s core responsibility to perform the surgery with an extreme artistic sense while placing every root in a zigzag fashion, especially on the frontal hairline followed by choosing the right graft for the right recipient areas in the surgery.



On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant only gets success if performed with the extreme precision, in-depth skills and outstanding surgical understanding that helps in meeting the desired cosmetic goal of the surgery.