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Few essential facts your nail artist won’t reveal to you – Staying aware

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Few essential facts your nail artist won’t reveal to you – Staying aware

Being someone from the modern millennial generation, you will agree to the fact that pedicure and manicure are as normal as daily chores like brushing your hair and eating your food. With the gaining momentum of beauty salons and given the fact that there are numerous salons springing up at the corners of the street, people in general, both men and women have easy access to beauty experts. Similarly, manicure and pedicure has also become one of the most sought-after beauty categories which all women pursue for.

We usually blindly trust our nail artists who claim to call themselves professionals in the salons but have you ever thought of the dangers which are associated with such procedures? There are always few precautions that you need to take in order to make sure things are done in a safe way. Here are few things on manicure and pedicure which the expert won’t tell you of.

#1: Removal of callus

If you ask the doctors, they will never advise you to remove the callus from the beauty professionals of the salon. In case you don’t have thick skin or your blood circulation isn’t proper enough, the tools which might be used for manicure or pedicure or those which are used for creating abstract nail art might infect your body parts or even injure you.

#2: The instruments and tools

If you make the mistake of visiting low quality and less popular salons for pedicure and manicure, you’re bound to suffer from infections. You will become susceptible to HIV, Hepatitis B and C and also unpleasant and harmful fungus. If you don’t wish to be affected, it is better that you carry your own tools which are required in salons. Also check whether or not the place is clean enough. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about the instruments in case you’re using theirs.

#3: Removing cuticles

Cuticles play a vital role in safeguarding your nails from any kind of infection. When the expert starts removing the cuticles of your nail, he might injure or infect your nail. Rather than having beautiful nails at which people will stare, you’ll end up having ugly nails. The only step that is recommended by the doctors are softening the cuticle and allowing it to move away with clean tools.

#4: The secret behind yellow nails

If you have yellow-colored nails, that’s not because you are suffering from any health issue but that is actually because you have done a manicure of poor quality. The nail artists always ask you to apply a protective layer first and then use the colored nailpolish, that too of a renowned quality. Scrubs, toothpaste, taking bath with lemon and applying hydrogen peroxide can cure this issue and help you get back white nails.

So, before you came across this post, did you know about all these things about manicure and pedicure? Did your nail artists ever tell you about all these facts? Learn from the concerns of this post and make sure you don’t commit the mistakes.