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All That You Need to Know about Rhodiola Rosea

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All That You Need to Know about Rhodiola Rosea

Today, the world has become fast paced and requires us to be on our heels all the time in order to make a living. Every single day needs that extra dash of energy, and there’s no time for being sick. We have spent years altogether ignoring what nature has bestowed us with. However, in the past few years, medicinal herbs and plant kinds are being brought back to trend. Much in time, we have realized how we need things that can benefit us without having side effects.

One of the herbs that botanists and scientists have widely studied is Rhodiola rosea. Rhodiola rosea is one of those herbs that have been used since a long time, centuries and centuries back altogether. Here’s all that you need to know about Rhodiola rosea so that you can make the most out of it, if you decide to.

The history of Rhodiola rosea

Rhodiola rosea has been an integral part of the Indian and Chinese medicine. Two of the other names of this herb are artic root and golden root. It got its popular name of Ashwagandha from India, which you would find in various Ayurvedic scriptures. Besides these two places, this herb has also been put to use in history in the lands of Russia and Scandinavia. It is known to grow in mountainous regions, which is why is it a Eurasian traditional medicinal herb.

Soon after the plant was known to the westerners, there were quick experiments and studies. However, since they were not conducted in a controlled manner, the results came out to be unreliable and invalid. This is why, certain studies have failed to provide concrete proof about its effectiveness in treating mental disorders. However, in various other areas, Rhodiola is quite useful. And since it holds a traditional relevance, people still use it and it is one of the most touted medicinal herbs.

What does it do?

Rhodiola rosea is most popularly known to be an adaptogen. Adaptogen are certain substances that give our body the energy and strength to adapt to various stressors. What an adaptogen would basically do is- it would create an innocuous amount of stress in the body to prepare it for a potential stressor. While being an adaptogen is its primary and most important characteristic, it is also rich in various vitamins and minerals.

The benefits of Rhodiola rosea

The Russians were most actively involved in studying the Rhodiola plant. While it does have its own traditional significance in Russia, it still seemed crucial to study the plant scientifically and find out how potent it is. Through various experiment that have been conducted in the past few decades, some of the most noticeable health benefits of Rhodiola rosea have been listed out.

  • Rhodiola rosea is extensively used since it is capable of enhancing work performance.
  • It helps in fighting insomnia
  • It can relieve you of fatigue and bring more energy to you
  • Besides enhancing work performance pertaining to cognitive functions, it also enhances athletic performance, which is why many athletes and sports persons would use it.
  • It can support weight loss
  • It helps in dealing with stress by bringing down the levels of cortisol

This is all the you should eb knowing about Rhodiola rosea. You can consume this wonder herb in the form of supplement. There are many brands that sell Rhodiola rosea supplements. however, pick the right brand after a proper research. Having Rhodiola rosea supplement on a regular basis in appropriate doses would help you keep yourself energized and fight fatigue in the most natural way.